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Learn about Tektites (View 34173/Answer 0)

What Are Tektites?

Tektites are made of glass--natural glass, not man-made glass. The are mostly black, but some--notably Moldavites--are green. They come in may shapes, but the most common ones resemble rounded pebbles with strange pits. Many are shard-like. The following sections explain more.

Where Are Tektites Found?

Tektites are found only in a relatively few areas of the world. This contrasts to meteorites which are found everywhere. The greatest concentration is in Australia and Southeast Asia.

How Old Are Tektites?

The oldest tektites as determined by radiometiric dating are about 35 million years old. Moldavites (found in central Europe) are dated at 14.7 million years. Indochinites are all about 800,000 years old. These are all very young by the standards of meteorites--most meteorites show radiometric ages of over four billion years.

What Is the Origin of Tektites?

Scientists have hypothesized four possible origins for tektites. The four are depicted on the adjacent drawing. They may be rock melted when a meteorite blasted into the moon or the Earth. They might also be the result of volcanism on the Earth or moon.

What Are Tektites Made Of?

Tektites have approximately the same chemical composition as granite or ocean bottom sediments--the common rocks of the Earth's crust.

How Do Tektites Get Their Shape?

Scientists believe that Tektites flew through the atmosphere in a liquid state. Some were spinning and formed the different common shapes. The adjacent drawing shows how some of the shapes may have originated.

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