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คุณมองวัตถุจากนอกโลกไปในทางใด ?

คลิกที่รูปเพื่อดูขนาดรูปจริง   Welcome and thank you for visiting our meteorite information site.   
The Moldavite (View 19089/Answer 0)
Moldavite stone is the ritual stone for integration of body, mind and spirit and can be a great catalyst for change, even if a being is simply in possession of it.
originated almost 15 million years ago, when a great meteorites hit the earth surface. Due to the extremely high temperature and pressure of the explosion,the meteorite and the surrounding rocks melted and sprayed some of the glassy substance (moldavite) into region of south Czech Republic. Moldavites are noted for many distinquished features. Above all, it is the gorgeous green colour, which together with its clarity and originate sculpture of the surface is a predetermination of this precious stone for jewelry manufacturing. Moldavite is a much sought of stone for a very high content of cosmicenergy and gass enclosures of primary atmosphere. It supplies energy, removes headache, tiredness and listlessness, helps to strengthen the immunity system.
Moldavite is a gift to mankind. This unique green gem was sent to us from the heavens 15 million years ago, but was meant for a future time which is now.

Moldavite fell in the form of a large meteor, entering the atmosphere with such force that it melted before impact. The result was the scattering of moldavites throughout a small area of the Czech Republic. The coloration of good quality moldavites are from an olive green to a forest green, with a small percentage being poison green, a very light, intense emerald green.

Moldavites come in great variety of shapes, sizes, textures, and color. The texture of moldavite is caused by the slow etching of the stones surface by acids and water in the subsoil. Moldavite is an extremely rare gem. There are only a few localities where it can be found in quantity, and one by one these sources are exhausted. It is truly a prize to own a moldavite knowing you have a piece of the stars, a piece of magic.

As an energy tool moldavite is unbelievably powerful. It is born of fire and its essence is fire. The following quotes are excerpts from Orion Transmissions by Parvati Bizberg. It is very concise information given on the properties of moldavite:

“MOLDAVITE can assist those Awakening in accelerating the process. We would suggest the use of Moldavite to accelerate the healing process in the body as well. Moldavite carries a very high vibration and stimulates the organism to eliminate toxins, to rejuvenate cells and repel bacteria and harmful foreign substances from it. We would suggest it be used in all situations requiring a faster rate of healing. It is not, however, a stone that is to be considered calming, although it can have the effect of equalizing and re-focusing energies which can in turn produce a calming effect on the organism as a whole. Protective it is, yes…”

Moldavite, which is sold by the Arkadian Collection has been brought from the Czech Republic to a sacred site, called Bhrugu Aranya, in the Tatra Mountains of southern Poland. It is a strong energy point with a direct connection to the moldavite source. All of the stones are cleansed and placed in a healing temple for 24 hours, where ancient Ayurvedic fires are performed. This process activates the energy locked within the moldavite, greatly increasing its potency.

Arkadian Collection is dedicated to spreading Moldavite and other Light Tools throughout the world wherever they are needed. We support all beings in all places working towards the Light.

"In ancient Indian cultures and Aboriginal cultures of many lands, humans spoke to and received guidance from energy spirits, Earth spirits, Devas, plants, animals, stones and all of nature. They consulted the wind, the rain, the earth, the sun, the moon and had a higher awareness than most nuclear physicists have after years of study and scientific knowledge! From these ancient cultures, much knowledge was passed on to their tribes. Much has been lost in colonization and integration of these ancient peoples into modern society. However, the information is locked into the minerals, the stones, the land and elements of nature. That information is accessible now as the vibrations on your planet have become more subtle and frequency of vibration has changed. Indeed, this is why the ancient sciences, ancient cures are now being rediscovered, if you will, and a return to natural sources for healing is the only way for future…”

“We have suggested the use of MOLDAVITE in accessing power, in developing clarity, and in connecting to other planets’ frequencies which will enable humankind to evolve at a faster rate. Yes, while that is true, we would also state here that Moldavite is a sacred source of healing energies on this planet, at this time. It acts as a catalyst rather than a calming agent. It is also good for the user of computers or electronic equipment. We would highly recommend beings working for the Light employ it in their practices. It acts as a catalytic operator between realms and between planetary systems. Much has been written lately on the power and properties of Moldavite, but better not to theorize about it, but to use it to access these Higher states or realms of consciousness.”

“Indeed, those who are attracted to it are usually those who vibrate with it. In other words, if one finds oneself drawn to it, one will more than likely be able to work with the substance. Moldavite is a generator of fire, a preserver of fire. It is fire. It will activate the fire in you. It is energy producing, though it can also have a calming, curative effect on high tension, nerves, high blood pressure and heart ailments stemming from stress.”

form Arkadian Collection
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