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Original Roswell UFO Debris Recovered !

26-10-2559 12:27:44น.
Original Roswell UFO
Debris Recovered!!!...

Metal Recovered From The
Roswell UFO Crash!

Image of Item - all images and text copyright ds goodman 2007

Aliens have landed on Earth
and now we have the proof!

What you are looking at is a piece of the bizarre
liquid like metal that was recovered from the Roswell
UFO crash in 1947.

This piece of the wreckage has been hidden and kept
secret all these years by one of the descendents of the
original RAAF recovery & sanitization crew sent to
recover every piece of evidence from the scene.

However, one of the officers (who must remain nameless)
secreted a piece of the unusual metal away and kept it
for himself, until his death in 1959.

Since that time his family has had the item and have been
afraid to even discuss it's existance with anyone.
Eventually one of the family sold it to a museum and
here you see the museum exhibit of that very piece of
UFO debris!

The exhibit includes the mysterious UFO metal, the
museum display tag and the original evidence log in tag
from the clean up crew stating the collection point
(Brazel Ranch), the collection date (7/47), and
the chief officer in charge (Blanchard).

The display is approx.  7 1/2"  x 6"  x 5 1/2" in.


Actual Image of Item all images and text copyright ds goodman 2007

Below is the actual text from the newspaper article
pictured above...

“NY Institute Recovers Original Roswell UFO Debris

March 1, 1978


DS Goodman, curator of the New York Paranormal Institute and Museum announced today that he has acquired a piece of the original Roswell UFO wreckage from the now famous crash. In 1947 William “Mack” Brazel discovered a large amount of unusual silver metal debris scattered widely over his ranch about 75 miles northwest of Roswell. The now famous and mysterious silver metallic substance has been speculated about ever since and is considered the “Holy Grail” of UFO evidence. Goodman stated that he recovered the artifact from an immediate relative of one of the RAAF officers that were on the cleanup crew. Goodman stated “After several years of negotiation and authentications I was able to secure this artifact for the Institute. The material was kept in a simple jar and has remained in the jar since about 1950 when the owners placed it in storage.” Goodman went on to say that the Institute has run several tests on the mysterious metal and as of this date the metal can not be identified as being any known metal or material in existence. “We have had the metal tested by several top independent metallurgy and science labs and they have all been unable to supply answers as to exactly what this material really is made of. This metal is simply not a material heretofore known to exist.” Goodman further stated “We invite the scientific community to examine this specimen and we will make it available for study and classification purposes to that end.”

The Institute plans to exhibit the material in its museum of paranormal artifacts.

ALSO includes actual letter from the lab that tested
the metal....

YES!!! This includes the
actual newspaper article, the actual lab
letter, the original collection tag,
the museum display tag,
and the plexiglas museum
display case!

Naturally this is not real UFO material! But
display it and you will be the only one to
know it's not real!

This is an amazingly cool sideshow attraction,
oddity display or “Gaff“ as they're called in the business.

No, this is NOT simple tin foil or metal in a display!!!!
This is a very expensive & exotic material that will fool
anyone into believing they are looking at the actual
Roswell wreckage!

In fact, I have been offered big money for this item from
people that thought it was real. However, my principals
won't allow me to scam anyone by selling this as
the real thing.

My “gaffs“ have been featured on national TV and are
in the private collections of the rich & famous!
Now you can collect one of my famous gaffs
and have a blast exhibiting it to your friends or even

Some of my clients are making nearly $1,000
a day with a simple sideshow setup and a single
gaff of mine!

I will include a special report I have written on how to
make a great income with a simple sideshow setup.
It will tell you all the secrets to this great business
and I will include it free to the winning bidder!


1. The gaff of the strange, mysterious metal in
the original museum display with the
original evidence collection tag!

2. The ACTUAL newspaper article as shown!
Not a computer printout or copy!

3. The original lab report letter from AeroDynoGen Labs!

4. The report on how to make $$$ with a simple
sideshow attraction using only a single item!

5. The satisfaction of having a great original
collectible gaff from www.thaicosmic.com  

This is really cool & really freaky!



Sold Now !


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