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Alien Implant Removed From Mans Spine !

26-10-2559 12:27:44น.
Alien Implant Removed
From Mans Spine!!!!


Check This Out....


Newspaper article reads:

Alien object imbedded in spinal column

Mystery Object Removed In Two Hour Procedure

Doctors Baffled: “We Have No Idea What This Is”

An Aptos man says he suffered from back pain for years. Sometimes he had trouble walking. Sometimes he missed days at work. And once in awhile, he couldn't even get out of bed.

"The doctors said this, then they said that," complained Dan White. "They tried muscle relaxers, heat therapy, they made me exercise and stretch. Nothing worked. I figured I was just one of those people who had chronic back pain and would always have it."

But one day Whites luck changed. After appealing to nearly a dozen doctors over the years, White ended up the victim of a hit and run fender bender. He had a stiff neck, and went to the doctor for X-rays. Those X-rays revealed something more serious than a pulled muscle.

The two ounce "device" was removed from Whites spinal cord without incident.

Doctor Hajduk of Dominican Hospital said, "We have no clue what this object is. We don't dare even speculate. Whatever it is seems to occasionally emit an ultra high frequency energy wave that‘s pitched far above the range of human hearing. I need to study this object further as this is the most interesting medical phenomenon I have come across in the 22 years of my medical career."

This Alien artifact is contained in
a specimin vial and it still
has the unbroken evidence seal on the vial!

The artifact is in some sort of viscous
liquid and the vial measures about 4“ high.

This alien object emits a creepy green glow in
low light conditions and theres no telling
what exactly is being transmitted by this thing!

You get the Alien Artifact as seen above
AND the newspaper article about the implant!

all images and text copyright ds goodman 2006 all rights reserved!


Sold Now !

Be sure to see my Alien Artifact removed from a mans
spine gaff!!! Makes a great matched piece to this one!

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