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Product/Service >>> Tools ฿ Games

Tools ฿ Games

Anyone can find meteorites, if you look for them, and know what to look for. Some people have a "nose" for them, and it just might be you. However, there are some tools and hints to help those who are just ordinary people with a hunger for meteorites.

NEW! Simon Swipe (age 8+)
Price 116.67 $
Code : 000162
Simon Swipe (age 8+)
NEW! Simon Air (age 8+)
Price 116.67 $
Code : 000161
Simon Air (age 8+)
Meteorite Display
Price 46.67 $
Code : 000020
Large Brass Caliper, 6" high Display, opens1 1/2" to 3 1/4",lacquered solid brass.
Telescope Astronomical Telescope Jiehe F500 x 90 (Hot Product!)
Price 200.00 $
Code : 000001
Hot Product !+Shipping $20 USD. worldwide Payment by Paypal onlyModel: Jiehe F500 x 90 Accessories: 2 eyepieces, and 1 eyepiece extension as below: L25mm, K9mm, 3 x Barlow; 5x20 finder scope Adjus

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