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อุกกาบาต Vaca Muerta

This meteorite was found in 1861 at Taltal, Atacama, Chili. It is classified as a stony-iron, mesosiderite.   Mesosiderites are formed on the surface of a parent body as a result of impacts with another body. The impact mixed broken fragments of surface eucrites with iron and olivine from deep within the body.  Eucrites are believed to have come from the asteroid Vesta.  Analysis has shown, however, that the Vaca Muerta eucrite inclusions are not consistent with other eucrites and possibly originated on a different parent body.  Vaca Muerta has a very weathered exterior, but still has lots of metal inside.

Type: Mesosiderite
Found: 1861
Taltal, Atacama desert, Chile

Olivine (Mg 1.807 Fe 0.193)(SiO4) and Magnetite Fe3O4.

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