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คลิกที่รูปเพื่อดูขนาดรูปจริง   Welcome and thank you for visiting our meteorite information site.   
Moldavites Pocket
Price 350.00 THB (Ref. 11.67 USD)
This is Jewelry Moldavite, 9 grain the result of a meteor collision resulted in many pieces washing down the Moldau River in Czechoslovakia. Collision with Earth caused earth materials to propel int
อุกกาบาตพกพา (Meteorites Pocket)
Price 1,500.00 THB (Ref. 50.00 USD)
Meteorites Pocket
Meteorite pendant necklace Star
Regular Price: 7,500.00 THB
(Ref. 250.00 USD)

Special Price: 6,500.00 THB
(Ref. 216.67 USD)
Seymchan (meteorite)
Meteorite Sikhote-Alin nice complete Individual in display box + certificate
Price 1,800.00 THB (Ref. 60.00 USD)
Meteorite Sikhote-Alin


* เปลียนเป็นภาษาไทยคลิ๊กด้านบนซ้าย       My All STONY-IRON METEORITES - Pallasites Click Here!


A meteorite is a natural object originating in outer space that survives an impact with the Earth's surface without being destroyed. While in space it is called a meteoroid. When it enters the atmosphere, air resistance causes the body to heat up and emit light, thus forming a fireball, also known as a meteor or shooting star. The term bolide refers to either an extraterrestrial body that collides with the Earth, or to an exceptionally bright, fireball-like meteor regardless of whether it ultimately impacts the surface. The meteorite is the source of the light.

More generally, a meteorite on the surface of any celestial body is an object that has come from elsewhere in space. Meteorites have been found on the Moon and Mars.

Meteorites that are recovered after being observed as they transited the atmosphere or impacted the Earth are called falls. All other meteorites are known as finds. As of mid-2006, there are approximately 1,050 witnessed falls having specimens in the world's collections. In contrast, there are over 31,000 well-documented meteorite finds.

Meteorites are always named for the place where they were found, usually a nearby town or geographic feature. In cases where many meteorites were found in one place, the name may be followed by a number or letter (e.g., Allan Hills 84001 or Dimmit).

Meteorites have traditionally been divided into three broad categories: stony meteorites are rocks, mainly composed of silicate minerals; iron meteorites are largely composed of metallic iron-nickel; and, stony-iron meteorites contain large amounts of both metallic and rocky material. Modern classification schemes divide meteorites into groups according to their structure, chemical and isotopic composition and mineralogy. See Meteorites classification.

Where To Go to Find Meteorites

  • "Strewn Fields" This is the footprint of an impact. Several worldwide strewn fields are shown in the Norton book, some in the U.S. These have been searched by others, but there is undoubtedly material that has not yet been found.

  • Deserts--The desert is devoid of ground-covering plant life, and infrequent rain. It is a good region for hunters, as meteorites will not weather and erode as fast, and are right on the surface. Sand dunes are especially good.

  • Craters Again, known craters are shown in Norton's book. Be careful here-Meteor Crater in Arizona, once the source of thousands of specimens, is now closed to meteorite hunters. You can be arrested and fined. You should always check if the area is on private property, and get permission before entering. This is especially true overseas.
 SCALE CUBE : "Hey, does anyone know where I can get one of those scale cubes?" Every meteorite collector wants one, and now you know where you can get one. Buy an extra raffle ticket. [ It is made from anodized aluminum. ]

*New Product Update

 Meteorite Knife - Russian Seymchan

 The Meteorite Cards - Meteorites In Your Cereal

           Private collection 

Mr.Siriphong P.

Tel : +66 089-1411002

Email :

Map: Click here

Great for your collection!




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Physicist Mark Boslough discusses his theory on the formation of desert glass and his asteroids research (3:48)


Buy with confidence as I have been in the meteorite business for over 18 years!

Unlock the secrets of the stars with this fun and educational Space Navigator.


great guide books for meteorites





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